What Do You Think? Who is at fault in Gaza War

By Don Chipman
Staff Writer
Where does the blame fall upon for the fighting in the Mid-East? Is it on Hamas or is it on Israel?
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu states that if Hamas doesn’t stop sending Rockets into Israel it will bring about “dire consequences and they will pay an intolerable price.”
Hamas has stated to the whole world it wants to kill all the Jews, and end the State of Israel. How can two fractions be so far apart as to hope for any peaceful settlement?
Israel says it has no choice but to retaliate against the Hamas rocket attacks. Hamas claims the Israeli’s are bombing and killing innocent men, women and children. Who is right?  Are they both right and wrong?

Israel claim it is willing, and has shown justifiably, that it is willing to try to negate through diplomatic solutions an end to the conflict with Gaza’s Hamas rulers, but they must and will keep open all military options so as to keep the people of Israel safe and secure.
Hamas says it will not stop the Rocket attacks or its struggle with the Israeli’s until such time Israel ends their blockade of the Gaza strip.
Apparently we have the “Immoveable Object” fighting the “Irresistible Force,” with neither party willing to set down together and negotiate a lasting peace.
How can one blame Israel for the bombings in the Gaza strip, when Hamas hide their rockets in churches, hospitals and schools?
Hamas shows the world videos of the bombings, showing injured civilians, especially of children, to gain moral support from the rest of the world.
Israel has shown that it is willing to set down and have “peace” talks with  Hamas, but Hamas has repeatedly broken the “cease fire” agreements on many occasions.
One of the more damaging problems that the Israeli’s claim must be solved is that of the tunnels that were constructed leading into Israel. At present Israel claims they have closed or destroyed 31 tunnels constructed by Hamas, but that many more are still undetected. Therefore the excursions by the Israeli military into the Gaza strip.
Israel has now taken an even stronger stance by telling the U.S. not to force a truce with Palestinian militants with Israel.
The Obama Administration has been kind of “wishy-washy” regarding the conflict, by denouncing both Hamas and Israel for their actions. The UN has had no pronounced effect on being able to create a lasting “cease fire” settlement.
It’s much like when you behaved badly and your mother grabbed you by the ear sat you down  in a chair for a time-out and said, ”What in the world am I going to do with you?” What does the rest of the world say?
What Do You Think?