What Do You Think?

By Don Chipman
Staff Writer
The DOD has recently announced that it is cutting back (downsizing) the US Army from 520,000 to 350,000 personnel.
The in my opinion the cruelest cutback of all is the “firing” or giving “pink slips” to US Army Officers presently stationed in combat zones.
How do you think you would feel when you are putting your life on the line and then find out you’re not wanted anymore?
Will the downsizing of our army have a lasting effect on the nation’s readiness to defend itself?

Why is it that we can’t fire anyone or give pink slip to anyone connected to Fast and Furious, The IRS Scandal, The Benghazi Goof-Up, and the VA Debacle, but we can “fire” or “pink slip” our armed forces personnel?
The present Administration is saying we are downsizing our present Army forces because we no longer need this many troops. Their claim is we need a more mobile and agile fighting force such as Special Ops operations.
According to several retired former Army Generals we are getting rid of “Our Brightest and Our Best”.
We did this back in the 70’s when we purged our armed forces and we paid a huge price for it when we became engrossed in the Mid-East by calling up reserves units that were not ready for “combat”, forcing our service personnel to served combat missions over and over again and again.
Al-Qaida is growing stronger and stronger, and we seem to be willing to become weaker and weaker. Hamas is getting braver and braver. ISIL is on the move in Iraq.  Iran thumbs its nose at us about nuclear proliferation. Yet here we are downsizing our troops.
Are we weakening our nation’s defense by downsizing the size of our Army when it appears that the Mid-East is a “Tinder Box” ready to explode with regard to Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Israel, Iran, and Afghanistan?
Maybe we should recall what Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Walk softly, but carry a big stick”.
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