What Do You Think?

Un-American or Good business
It has been brought to light lately that more than 47 corporations and businesses have left the U.S. since 2004 to “evade” the extremely high 35% corporate tax rates.
Is this good business or is it un-American? I suppose it is which side of fence you’re on.
If you’re a corporation you feel you are obligated to return the most “bang for your buck” regarding profits.

If you’re the U.S. government, then it’s un-American to put your monies in “off-shores” countries, rather than helping finance the government services to its population.
Advantages—Corporations are likely to receive lower interest rates on their monies, plus less government intrusion. Other countries such as England have a 20% tax on corporations; this forces corporate CEO’s and Boards of Directors to consider moving their headquarters overseas.
Disadvantages—Foremost the less money there will be for the U.S. “coffers,” plus less capital to re-invest on new products here at home to remain competitive in the U.S. A very possible backlash is likely by the consumer for taking jobs outside the U.S. and helping other countries rather than where you make your monies. Recently Walgreens backed away from moving their headquarters to foreign soil, due to consumer backlash.
Statement—The U.S. Treasurer Budget Director James Lee, wants the Congress to invoke and pass laws that would stop corporations from setting up the “dummy” companies overseas. He states in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, “What we need is a national sense of becoming more patriotic, where we all rise and fall together.”
Answer—You can’t legislate morality folks!
What Do You Think?