Ten Canada geese but only one Monarch butterfly observed

By Kay Brown
Kate’s Garden Gate
I looked out the front room window this morning (Monday), and there were 10 Canada Geese standing along the bank of the pond. I haven’t seen more than two to four at a time all summer. Could this be a sign of an early fall?
I had talked to my youngest son about not spraying the milkweed because of the Monarch butterflies. I had seen one of the caterpillars on a milkweed out by the mailbox, but couldn’t find any more in the pasture where most of the milkweed plants are.

While I was picking blackberries I walked over to the pasture and while I was checking things out, a beautiful Monarch flew by and circled around the pasture. It’s the only one I have seen so far. I wish there had been a hundred but I thank God for the one I got to see. We are losing them and that would be tragic. There are some other kinds but not as many as there should be.
We had two gentlemen come over Sunday to look at our extra pull-a-long. It’s an extra mower you hook behind your regular mower to get more area done at one time. We had two and my husband had sold one before he passed away. Now that my youngest son has the big zero-turn mower, it takes 1/2 the time to mow, so we don’t need the other pull-along. They didn’t buy it, but by afternoon another gentleman had come by and he bought it.
My two youngest sons came yesterday and mowed all the acreage which includes the yard and more. I thought they were done, but they asked me what more needed done. Well, there’s always lots to do and I’m usually behind, so we went to the blackberry patch. With the garden tractor, clippers, d.r. trimmer, and heavy string in hand, the three of us got busy.
The weeds were so high and thick between the rows, I couldn’t get in to pick the berries. One son clipped the dead branches out along with any big weeds, and I loaded them in the cart, while the other son ran the trimmer through the path. I tied back branches so he could go through without mowing them off.
It took about two hours but we made a pretty good team, and the path in between is now accessible to pick. There are more berries than I expected and much bigger.
Now on to getting the weeds out of the garden we’re not using and out of the asparagus patch. There’s lots of work to do on the acres.
The deer are bringing their young to eat the falling apples. It will soon be time to get them picked up before it gets warm again and the bees and wasps get too thick to work.
I don’t feel much like canning anymore, so I am drying the roma tomatoes. It seems to be working well. I’ll see how they taste when I make a pizza and use stripes of them, reconstituted.
Must be time for the recipe: Bacon-tomato crostini. Warm one can cannellini beans (drained and rinsed); in a skillet with 1/4 cup water and 1 tsp. each chopped sage and thyme, mash. Spread onto toasted baguette slices. Drizzle with olive oil and top with cooked bacon and chopped tomato.
See you next week, behind the Garden Gate.