What do you think

What Do You Think?

Un-American or Good business
It has been brought to light lately that more than 47 corporations and businesses have left the U.S. since 2004 to “evade” the extremely high 35% corporate tax rates.
Is this good business or is it un-American? I suppose it is which side of fence you’re on.
If you’re a corporation you feel you are obligated to return the most “bang for your buck” regarding profits.

What Do You Think? Who is at fault in Gaza War

By Don Chipman
Staff Writer
Where does the blame fall upon for the fighting in the Mid-East? Is it on Hamas or is it on Israel?
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu states that if Hamas doesn’t stop sending Rockets into Israel it will bring about “dire consequences and they will pay an intolerable price.”
Hamas has stated to the whole world it wants to kill all the Jews, and end the State of Israel. How can two fractions be so far apart as to hope for any peaceful settlement?
Israel says it has no choice but to retaliate against the Hamas rocket attacks. Hamas claims the Israeli’s are bombing and killing innocent men, women and children. Who is right?  Are they both right and wrong?

What Do You Think?

By Don Chipman
Staff Writer
The DOD has recently announced that it is cutting back (downsizing) the US Army from 520,000 to 350,000 personnel.
The in my opinion the cruelest cutback of all is the “firing” or giving “pink slips” to US Army Officers presently stationed in combat zones.
How do you think you would feel when you are putting your life on the line and then find out you’re not wanted anymore?
Will the downsizing of our army have a lasting effect on the nation’s readiness to defend itself?

What Do You Think? Should We / Shouldn’t We?

Should We / Shouldn’t We?

The “Civil War” in Iraq has escalated to a very serious stage, whereby the US could possibly be drawn back into another long drawn-out conflict.
Vietnam began with President Kennedy sending in Military Advisors to help the Vietnam puppet regime; from there it escalated into a full blown “War”.
Will President Obama do the same thing by sending 300 Military Advisors to help the present Iraq Regime?
Are we to stand by idle and let ISIS take control of a great portion of Iraq, including the Iraqis’ oil fields with Iran just licking its chops to gain control of Iraq?
Should we have sent air strikes against the ISIS long before now when they were vulnerable and an easy target for our Air Force and Drones?
Weren’t Drones available early on as they are now being used this very day for surveillance?
Why did we beef up all of our Embassies in this area if we thought ISIS and Al Qaeda were not legitimate threats to the US and our allies?
My son (Matt) was a MI Analyst (Military Intel) for over 20 years. When I spoke to him when this first began he said, “Dad, we know where they are, and how many. If they say they don’t know the numbers then why in the Hell did we fly our (Spy in the Sky) over Iraq on a daily basis? The Brass knows what’s going on.”
Once again it seems the various branches of the government, executive, DOD, Pentagon, and State Department, and Congress all differ on what kind of action should be taken.
Someone far wiser than me once said, “Seize the Day.” It may be too little too late.
I don’t believe this country is ready to go to
What do you think?
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“War” again. However, we can’t stand by idly and let ISIS or Al QUADA get a stronghold over our friends in the Mid-East which includes Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kyrgyzstan and others. They even have their sights set on Africa.
The President, the DOD, State Department, Pentagon, Congress and the CIA must put their heads together and work out one plan and then take decisive action.
What Do You Think?


IRS is at it again

By Don Chipman
For the Star-Gazette
Once again the IRS, part of the Administration Branch of our government, finds itself embroiled in yet another controversy. This time it is over “lost” e-mails.
How is it just the e-mails from Ms. Lerner’s hard drive are missing? How is it six higher-ups who work in the IRS received the e-mails from Lerner have suddenly become “lost,” while other insensitive e-mails are still in folders or on hard drives?


By Don Chipman
For the Star-Gazette
Hero or Deserter?
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a captive of the Taliban for five years, has created a storm that continues to reach a crescendo even as we write this article across this broad land.
It all began innocently enough when it was announced that an American soldier held captive by the Taliban for five years was being released and set free.
Then the other shoe dropped. Sgt. Bergdahl was released after the administration allowed the five most dangerous captives at Gitmo to be included in the exchange.

Fact or Fiction?
First–What ever happened to “We never will negotiate with terrorists.” Period. Sound familiar? Fact or Fiction?
Second–It later became a sensational story about his release when it was disclosed that Sgt. Bergdahl walked away “under the wire” on his own volition, leaving behind his weapon and flak jacket. Fact or Fiction?
Third–Simply “walking away” from your post is more than being AWOL. In a combat zone this will be (and should be) treated as desertion. The Department of Defense should act accordingly after a full investigation. Fact or Fiction?
Fourth–Susan Rice did it again–when she stated this was an extraordinary day with the release of an American soldier who served his country with “Honor and Dignity.” Well it turned out to be an extraordinary day indeed. Fact or Fiction?

Don Sterling is banned for life by NBA

Ed’s Note: Sports editor Don Chipman will begin occasionally writing a column about topics that are somewhat controversial and opinionated by the author. That is why it is a column written to be somewhat edgy and will ask the Star-Gazette readers to reply with comments of their own.

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