Chandlerville Burgoo Aug. 22-23

The annual Chandlerville Burgoo will be held Aug. 21-23.
Next Thursday’s activities will include a dog show, a bags tournament, a baby contest and a Little Miss and Mister pageant.
Friday, Aug. 22, will feature a pedal tractor pull (not a garden tractor pull as previously listed) and entertainment.
Events on Saturday, Aug. 23, will include a parade, a talent contest and entertainment.


Friends of the Courtroom reception held at museum

State Rep. Norine Hammond (R. 93rd), Old Lincoln Courtroom & Museum Commissioner Emeritus Suzie McClure and Cass County Board Chairman David Parish were among the many people who attended a Friends of the Courtroom reception on Aug. 2. Held at the museum, members of the commission served guests ice cream and a variety of homemade baked treats. Entertainment was provided by the Una Voce Strings. (Leigh Morris/For the Star-Gazette)


Descendants of Jasper Buck hold cousin reunion in White Lake, South Dakota

The Buck Cousin Reunion was held over the July 4 weekend outside of White Lake, S.D. on the hunting grounds of Harry and Barb Buck.
Cousins present were Gary and Mary Ann Buck of Alton; Liz Buck of Elsah; Maddy Buck of Jerseyville; Scott and Jane Buck of Davis; Dan, Jen, Trevor and Adam Buck of Pecatonia; Harry and Barb Buck; Kim and Ken McKuen, Griffin, Savanna, Tessa, Alyssa and Becky Buck all of Brandon, S.D.
Mike and Mary Taylor of Cairo, Mo.; Debbie and Bill Middleton of Murrayville; Sean and Emily Hayes of Jacksonville; Mary and Jay Houvenagle of Washington.
Guests present were Annie Van deMore, Gary and Leigh Bawinkel of Brandon, S.D.; Betty and Jerry Van Zee of Platte, S.D.; and Richard and Laurel Buck of Box Elder, S.D.
The group enjoyed four-wheeling, fireworks, a fish fry and a visit to Laura Ingalls’ homestead.
Next year’s cousin reunion will be held in Grafton on September 19.


Calendar of Events

Aug. 9
Sangamon River Audubon is hosting a Hummingbird Festival on Aug. 9, from 8-11 a.m. at the New Salem Visitor Center. The event is open to the public.

Aug. 9
Black Oak Church, Upper Meredosia Road, will host its monthly potluck/open mic Gospel Sing on Saturday, August 9. This month will feature guitarists Steve Jokisch, Art Derry, Dick Morrell, and “Harmony.”

Aug. 14
Hollywood’s Cafe in Chandlerville will host a fried chicken buffet with proceeds going to the Chandlerville Improvement Council and the Chandlerville Burgoo.  The fundraiser will be held from 4-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 14.

Aug. 16
Slaw Dawg’s 50/60s Diner will host their Ninth Annual Cruise-In from 4-8 p.m., Saturday, August 16 at 218 W. South Street in Astoria.
Nine trophies will be given out. No entry fee.
Half of the proceeds will go to Jack Bailey/aka “Santa’s Workshop.”
For more information call Jerry Barnes at 309-333-3130 or Neil Danner at 309-329-2774.

Aug. 20
Virginia CUSD# 64  registration for grades K-12 will be held on Wednesday, August 20 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., in the Administration Office (Band Room).

Aug. 24
African Celebration Day, August 24 in Beardstown at 2 p.m., at 105 West Third Street in Beardstown.

Attending the family reunion from a different vantage point

By Roy Roberts
Trivia Too
We have been going to our family reunion, which meets every two years, for over eighteen years, but this one was quite different.
I am sorry to tell you our walking days are over, so when not using our walkers at the hotel we had to be in wheel chairs. Thanks to our “pushers” we had one day at the Brookfield Zoo, where we enjoyed watching the wide-eyed great-grandchildren enjoy the animals. Then on Sunday of the reunion we were back in wheel chairs and enjoyed the Cub-Cardinal game. There were 55 of the 109 who attended the reunion who went to the baseball game. The handicap seats are right behind home plate and the 1-0 ballgame pleased half of our bunch. It was a good game and a beautiful afternoon.


Tomatoes...ripe or green, both are tasty

By Kay Brown
Kate’s Garden Gate
The tomatoes started rolling in; everybody had some at their stand. I sold green tomatoes. I figured if they weren’t going to get ripe, I’d sell them green and they did sell. People wanted to fix fried green tomatoes. My daughter-in-law tried them but didn’t like them. I have fixed them for myself but probably won’t since it’s just me.
The coons are getting all of my corn, so after all that hard work hoeing, etc., we’re not planting corn next year. We’ll just buy it at market like everybody else.
My melons were getting ripe and something is eating them as well. Just a big bite out of the top and side. We think it’s probably the deer. I’m not sure I’ll get any to market.
I did pick six blackberries Saturday, but they’re not getting ripe very fast. Our asparagus guy said he had dug up a row to plant spinach and down six inches the earth wasn’t warm. I’m guessing that is the problem.


Yes, video did kill the radio stars

By Leigh Morris
Our Place in History
Though nearly unimaginable to today, there was a time when radio dominated entertainment.
Among the very best radio dramas was Suspense. This show began its 22-year run on the CBS Radio Network on July 22, 1940. Over the years, the program earned a Peabody Award and a special citation from the Mystery Writers of America.__PUBLIC__


Need produce, a visit or a ride? Just call 1-800-Stephanie

By Freida Marie Crump
The Coonridge Digest
Greetings from the Ridge.
Let me tell you about a remarkable woman. Her name is Stephanie and her age hovers between 50 and 70, depending upon the time of the day, the weather, and her mood. She married young, had a couple of kids, then divorced her husband. In her words, “He was okay . . . for awhile. But then all he wanted to do was sit around, said he wanted to be a stay at home father. I found out he was pretty good at first part.” So for the past 15 or 20 years Stephanie’s been pretty much her own woman.
“I gotta be up and doing something, Freida,” she told me. “I cannot for the life of me see any purpose for living if all you’re going to do is breathe and take up space. Life’s too short!” And in fact most days are too short for my buddy Steph.

What Do You Think? Who is at fault in Gaza War

By Don Chipman
Staff Writer
Where does the blame fall upon for the fighting in the Mid-East? Is it on Hamas or is it on Israel?
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu states that if Hamas doesn’t stop sending Rockets into Israel it will bring about “dire consequences and they will pay an intolerable price.”
Hamas has stated to the whole world it wants to kill all the Jews, and end the State of Israel. How can two fractions be so far apart as to hope for any peaceful settlement?
Israel says it has no choice but to retaliate against the Hamas rocket attacks. Hamas claims the Israeli’s are bombing and killing innocent men, women and children. Who is right?  Are they both right and wrong?

PAWS to READ 2014 a great success

Virginia Memorial Public Library would like to send out a big THANK YOU to all of those local businesses and individuals who have helped make the PAWS to READ 2014 Summer Reading Program a huge success. This program was made possible through your generosity. Moreland and Devitt, BPS Fuels, Cass Communications, Welch Attorney at Law, Reynolds & Sons, Little Man Heating and A/C, Petefish, Skiles, & Co., Cargill Meat Solutions, Dollar General Foundation, Virginia Learning and Fitness Center.
Virginia Memorial
Public Library



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