Broadway comes to Beardstown

Broadway came to Beardstown with the BHS/HPF presentation of ”Grease.” What amazing performances from the magnificent cast. Great performances only occur after hours and hours of hard “work” on the drama, the songs and the choreography. The performances were skillfully guided by Allison Wilson, Shaver Tillitt and Cathy Megginson.
The performances couldn’t have occurred without many “behind the scene workers,” including but not limited to Sue and Steve Wilson, the cast parents, the chorus boosters and the HPF members. A big “Thank You” also goes to Cargill for their great financial support.

The community support for this production was amazing. Without the support of the community, no production can be a success.
We would also like to thank the BHS superintendent and school board for their support.
The local media, WRMS radio and the Star-Gazette, as always, were very supportive.
The young performers were an inspiration. For a two-hour period, the audience was transported to a special time in the past.
We at the HPF Opera House hope to make this collaboration with the BHS chorus and Allison Wilson an annual summer event. The public can assist us in this by voicing your support to the BHS School Board and administration.
Again, thanks to everyone who supported this performance in any way. A special thanks to all who attended. Please continue to support the arts in Beardstown.
Steve Wessel
Vice President HPF