Attending the family reunion from a different vantage point

By Roy Roberts
Trivia Too
We have been going to our family reunion, which meets every two years, for over eighteen years, but this one was quite different.
I am sorry to tell you our walking days are over, so when not using our walkers at the hotel we had to be in wheel chairs. Thanks to our “pushers” we had one day at the Brookfield Zoo, where we enjoyed watching the wide-eyed great-grandchildren enjoy the animals. Then on Sunday of the reunion we were back in wheel chairs and enjoyed the Cub-Cardinal game. There were 55 of the 109 who attended the reunion who went to the baseball game. The handicap seats are right behind home plate and the 1-0 ballgame pleased half of our bunch. It was a good game and a beautiful afternoon.

My great-grandfather, John Elliott, came from Ireland to Beardstown in 1842, escaping the Ireland potato famine. One of his sons was my grandfather, David Elliott. He and his wife Sarah had four children, my Mother, Marietta Elliott Roberts; Chester Elliott, Joe Elliott and Lucy Elliott Flamme Weiss. Our reunion is called The Elliott Reunion, however there aren’t any with the Elliott name anymore. Chester had no sons and Joe’s son Clifford only had daughters. There are several who do have Elliott for a middle name though.
The reunion is a three-day affair as they come from all over the country. The reunion has been held in Kentucky Lake State Park, A North Carolina State Park, General Butler State Park in Kentucky, Iron Mountain Resort which is north of St. Paul, Minnesota, Illinois Beach State Park, in Northern Illinois, Door County Wisconsin, Eagle Creek Lodge, at the state park near Shelbyville, McCormack Creek State Park in Indiana, Rend Lake State Park in Illinois, Lake Barkley State Park in Tennessee, Oconomowoc Wisconsin lodge, the Crown Plaza Hotel in Indianapolis and in Beardstown, and this year at the Schaumberg Best Western Hotel near Chicago.
A hotel that has the complimentary breakfast and a large banquet room that we can use for three days is one of the requirements. On Friday evening as they arrive, it is pizza night. On Saturday noon we go to a pleasant Schaumberg neighbor- hood park that has a swimming pool. A picnic lunch is catered and various families bring desserts. Saturday night the hotel provides our banquet and then there is an evening of games of all types. There were 15 children who were under five years old so there were high school girls hired as babysitters to play with the kids before bedtime and be in their rooms the rest of the evening so their parents were free to visit with the rest of the crowd.
Sunday morning there is a short church service and then a lot of goodbye’s to those not going to the ball game. It is a great occasion.  We hope to be able to go to the one in 2016.